As happened with alpinism and ski mountaineering, Mount Olympus comprises the shrine of trail running in Greece as well. It was the 6th of July 1986, when the prolific mountaineer and runner Dimitris Mystakidis together with marathon runner and experienced mountaineer Lazaros Rigos established the 36km route of the inaugural Mount Olympus trail Marathon. Despite the fact that the route lacked the classic marathon distance (42.2km), runners completed the tough ascent and descent of the mountain between 5 and 10 hours instead of the traditionally established two days, establishing a new era for trail running in Greece.
Today, Mount Olympus is host to 5 trail runs of variable distance (from 22 to 100km) and a few thousand runners enjoy the trails either racing or training for future projects. The list of the trail runs taking place on Mount Olympus includes the classic Mount Olympus marathon, organized by Thessaloniki Alpine and Ski Club, the world famous Olympus Marathon, the winter Ennipeas, the ?haute montagne? Faethon Trail run and the long and tough Olympus Mythical Trail (OMT).