Rafting in the Valley of Tempe

According to mythology in the Valley of Tempe, God Apollon chases the nyphe Daphne, Venus visit the valley when she wants to regain the purity and Apollon defeats on the river the Darkness. 

Rafting - Archery

At the valley of Tempe we go to make a special and also unique rafting in a one of the most beautiful and important monumental region of the ancient Greece. In these area we find big old plane trees (over 100 years old) which is a place that different kind of birds (heron, grey heron, flamingo, great cormorant) where find shelter. An easily 1st and 2nd class of rafting specializes for families, children and old people. At the end of the activity we try in archery and after that we have a lunch near the river.

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